Battle of the Burgers: SATX’s Longhorn Cafe Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Mr. Juicy

Battle of the Burgers: SATX’s Longhorn Cafe Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Mr. Juicy

San Antonio, TX

Longtime SATX restaurant Longhorn Cafe has taken issue with a local restaurant: Mr. Juicy. The hamburger joint opened its second location just a few months ago, but now it has to defend its name. 

Longhorn Cafe claims that customers told them the name Mr. Juicy was being confused with their famous Original Big Juicy Burger. On September 24, 2020, Longhorn Cafe filed trademark applications for “Big Juicy,” “Original Big Juicy,” and “Home of the Big Juicy.” Note that these applications are still in the very beginning stages and have not been officially registered.

Mr. Juicy’s owner Andrew Weissman posted a picture of the cease and desist letter sent by Longhorn Cafe’s attorney on his personal Instagram page on October 8th. Since then, hundreds of his followers have weighed in on whether or not they think the letter has any merit. The letter gives Weissman 10 days to respond. 

Regardless of the outcome, this showcases two important reasons that trademarks and branding are so important to a business. First, this is an instance where a business is scrambling to file a trademark application after a controversy has already started. This can present a number of problems. Secondly, even if Longhorn were to “win” the scuffle, many locals have said they do not approve of sending the letter in the first palace. This negative media attention could harm their brand. These are all things business owners should take into consideration when branding or rebranding. 

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