US Copyright Office to launch a new registration process for blog posts and social media posts

For years, bloggers and social media influencers have been discouraged from filing for federal copyrights due to the complex process and pricey registration fees. But now the USPTO is launching a new registration process for “Short Online Literary Works,” which includes blog posts (like this one!), social media posts, online articles, and more. The program is slated to begin on August 17th. 

What Was The Old Process? 

Before this change, authors of short online literary works had to file individual applications for each of their works at different costs using the Standard Application form from the Copyright office. So, no matter how many works you wanted to register, you had to pay $65 for each work. That can add up quickly for just about any business. The costs alone discouraged many content creators from filing for federal copyright protections. 

Image shows a screenshot of a blog posting website.
The team at Quest can help you protect your blog posts, website content, and social media posts.

GRTX – A More Modern Approach

To solve the registration challenges for these short online literary works, the U.S. Copyright Office is launching a new group registration option that allows authors to register groups of small works like blogs and social media posts on the same registration, for one fee. 

By using this form, authors will be able to register as much as 50 short online literary works with a single application and one application fee of just $65. The registration will cover each work as a separate work of authorship once the claim is registered by the copyright office. 

Eligibility and Requirements

The requirements for GRTX registration are a little different than the standard application. To qualify for GRTX registration:

  1. Each work must first qualify as an online literary work. This means it must be first published on either an online newspaper, social media or networking platform, etc.
  2. Each work is required to contain a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 17,500 words. This registration only covers text, not images. 
  3. All works in a single application must have the same author(s). “Works for hire” are not allowed under this type of registration. 
  4. Each author must be named as the copyright claimant(s) of each work.
  5. All works must be published online within three calendar months. 

We Can Help Protect Your Blog & Social Media Posts

Undoubtedly, GRTX is designed to save you a lot of time and money. However, the USPTO can be a stickler for following the registration process perfectly and any little issue can cause a delay in registration. It is important to make sure you meet all of the qualifications and fill out the application completely to ensure your best chances of registration. 

It is strongly recommended that you contact an experienced copyright lawyer to assist in making the copyright registration process as smooth as possible. The legal team at Quest has extensive educational background and experience regarding copyright registrations as well as social media law. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you protect your intellectual property!